Around 2 years ago, a young couple decided to try World of Warcraft, in their search for a new MMORPG to play around on. Neither of the two had played it before, and coming from FFXI neither of them particularly wanted to play it. FFXI players hated WoW – that was the ‘in’ thing to do. Wasn’t it?

As they installed, they looked up different classes that they’d like to try. Druid seemed fun, but Hunter and Warlock sounded better! They rolled, and spent the afternoon Warlocking and Huntering around. The novelty soon wore off both jobs, around level 40. 2 Druids were rolled, and neither one has gotten bored yet.

Moonglade.org was made to satiate Gwyn’s hunger of blogging, and to keep a record of the couples adventures in Azeroth. Its worth noting that they do play as a pair, and where one is the other won’t be too far. The name ‘Moonfire’ comes from the Druid spell; a universal spell that any spec can use from level 4 onwards. Why a Druid spell? Because this blog will most likely be focusing on Druids, silly!

Both authors have run raiding guilds, had their fair share of drama, moved on from guilds and from people. Thank you to everyone who has made World of Warcraft an enjoyable experience for the both of us, and thank you to those we call friends.


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