Resources that we can’t live without; whether in the blog world or in-game.

WoW Matrixclick here

ability_cheapshotAn addon updater which makes updating all your addons a breeze – especially *just* before that all important raid where you’ve forgotten to do it the previous night! All you have to do is install it, and it checks everything out for you. You can even download new addons through WoW Matrix. Handy!

Blog Azerothclick here

Made by Phaelia from Resto4life, blog Azeroth has provided us with lots of answers and lots of fantastic reading from a whole host of different servers. If your looking for a blog relation to your particular spec or just a random blog, browse the forums and have a look. Its also worth noting that if you yourself have a blog, that Blog Azeroth’s Author Introduction forum is very very handy – meet your fellow bloggers and give them a helping hand!

WoW Wiki Image Databaseclick here

inv_jewelcrafting_talasite_01If your like us and like punctuating every post with pictures, then this site is the holy grail. It has icons from WoW – everything. Abilities, mounts, professions, equipment, weapons… Its all here, and very, very handy.

WoW Item Creatorclick here

inv_misc_celebrationcake_01Ever had the urge to make your own World of Warcraft item? Were not saying it will get into the game, but you can have some fun here. If you have time on your hands, look through the previous entries – some are hilarious.


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