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November 3, 2008

Sometimes, I dislike having Herbalism. You see, some Balance Druids like taking up Inscription, along with Enchanting so that their beloved has to go around picking flowers all day. I’m sure he did it on purpose.

Emerald Pigment “Commonly obtained when milling Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, Khadgar’s Whisker, and Wintersbite.”

Thats the reason I’m running in constant circles around Swamp of Sorrows. Though… I don’t mind. Herbing is kind of therapeutic. In a Herby way. Inscription seems really, really useful for the expansion and I’d like Cablin to have it at 375 ready – not too hard with the gold you get from dailies and me herbing my heart out. I suppose the fact that we have alts who could use some yummy enchant scrolls has something to do with it too.

Now, onto something that has a lot of people rattled (though I’m not quite sure why, in all honesty). The Scourge event. I personally want it to progress – I’d love to be on a role play realm, but alas I’m on a PvE. Bronze Dragonflight took the event pretty well, from the forums a lot of people were worked up about it. I mean come on, its something different and fun. Don’t get mad.