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Love is in the Air!

February 11, 2009

cupid-copyThats right, the Valentines Event has started today, and will continue to run for around a week.

I recommend looking through The Overachievers posts, telling you how to complete this years event. Its only short compared to the past few events we’ve had, so it is advisable to start getting those achievements extra early with your loved ones.

Whats Gwyn doing this year? Well, she has a small (but cute) surprise for Cablin, but he’ll have to wait and see. I like the Valentines event, its all so pink and glowing… Thats always a good thing, right?


Winters Veil.

December 18, 2008


A long time, no update! Me and Cablin have been working out little night elf fingers to the bone on game, getting gear for heroics and getting gear for Cablins new spec. Yes. Its official. He’s going tank. Its been a long time in coming, and he’s finally decided. He has a pretty sweet tanking set ready, but a few pieces are missing so we’ll work on that over the next few days.

We’ve also been working on the Winters Veil achievements. We currently have them all done, aside from Crashin & Thrashin. They were easy enough, we even duo’d the Nexus boss for her hat, with no problems at all even as a Moonkin and a Tree. Fun!

I must say, I was really daunted at the prospect of doing heroics in Northrend… I’m unsure why. Perhaps the BC heroics when I was hitting 70 scared the hell out of me. But I’ve had fun with the Northrend ones! We’ve managed to do a few so far;

  • Utgarde Keep
  • Violet Hold
  • The Nexus

Cablin keeps trying to ease me into others, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m sitting at around 1400 spellpower unbuffed these days, and up to 1600 buffed with food and a flask. I got taken into Naxx by the guild a week or so ago and got Infection Repulser, which will hold out until I can get the crafted mace.

The Wrath Checklist

November 13, 2008

Taking inspiration from a lot of bloggers at the moment, I figured I’d share my Wrath of the Lich King checklist too. I’ve thought about it for a good few weeks now, and we finally settled a few days ago.


spell_nature_protectionformnatureI’ll be staying Restoration, as I level alongside Cablin anyway. He’s staying DPS (Balance) as far as I know (though he did complete his tanking set last night – hurray!) so it’ll be pretty easy to level together. I can keep him healed when he tanks as a Moonkin so even those tricky group quests will be easy enough to do. Hopefully.


inv_potion_168I’ve been stockpiling herbs to make potions and elixirs for the expansion, though I’m unsure how useful they will truly be. Either way, were pretty stocked up on them. Bandages, check – Netherweave ones, just in case. I don’t want to fall flat on my face in Northrend because I was getting mana back and some Mammoth sat on me. Food and drink? I didn’t actually get food to carry over – I’m sure that there will be a nice little vendor to sell some Northrend cuisine to me when I get there.


inv_box_petcarrier_01Since I carry all my pets with me these days, they’ve all been through a reputable quarantine and have had all the shots available. I don’t want Twinkie McTwinkle, the White Kitten getting flu over there. Right? I have plenty of space for new additions also, and have anticipated the grind towards Exalted for new members of my miniature family.


  • inv_chest_cloth_15Spellpower+ set
  • Mana regen set
  • Cablin tank set
  • Cablin Moonkin set
  • Earmuffs, Talbuk fur boots, thick undergarments, the scarf Cablin’s Grandma elf knitted him..

Bank space;

inv_misc_toy_07Have I cleared out my (very messy) bank? Of course! I had a small jumble sale for friends, giving away what was useful and selling off whatever else at the AH. I had collected so many cards, random blues, and even a rather nice epic that I had never, ever used. A shame, but it was taking up space. For some reason I’d also collected some rather random gray/white items… Oh well. There was no mercy!


inv_valentinesboxofchocolates02Done, done and done. One thing I really hate is being ‘addon-blind’. I never used to use addons, now? I can play without them, but its a nuisance. I think I’ve become to lazy and dependent on them. Luckily every one of them has been updated for WOTLK, and I’ve even picked some others up for the ride.

You see? As we get ready to enter the snowy North, we hope you are too. Remember, be responsible and don’t leave your Mounts or pets alone at home! Remember to wrap up warm, and most of all – decimate those Scourge responsible for Ghouling us all up a few weeks ago!

‘The day of Wrath has come.’

November 12, 2008


Taking inspiration from Matticus, this post is all about looking back. Wrath of the Lich King is going live at 00.01 tonight, and Cablin has a Collectors Edition for both of us – we won’t be installing till Friday when we can be together to explore. We weren’t here for The Burning Crusade‘s launch, so this was a completely new experience for us both. Its been a lot of fun in all honesty – the Scourge event climaxing with the Frost Wyrms attacking Stormwind Harbor, with the fun transformations along the way.

Pre-WoTLK has been a huge rollercoaster ride for me. I’ve raided, grinded, worked my professions up to 375, done daily quests day, after day, after day… But soon enough my level 70 won’t be the highest level anymore. Oh no. In an matter of hours, that epic equipment won’t be some of the best in the game…

How do I feel?

Excited! Gwyn is my favorite character, so being able to level her again is going to be amazing. I remember the grind to 70, and how much I hated it. When I dinged I was so happy that I’d never have to level her again. A long time later, and I can’t wait till I do actually level her. The new raids sound fun to do, and the new areas look really pretty!

High points of The Burning Crusade, for me (in no order);

  • Raiding Karazhan for the first timeepicff
  • Making my first 1000 gold
  • Completing the Epic Flight Form quest with Cablin
  • Getting Alchemy, Herbalism, First Aid and Cooking to 375
  • Progressing, and moving into Black Temple raids
  • Getting full epics
  • Being able to afford epic flying skill (5,000!)
  • Reaching 5,000 gold before the Isle of Quel’Danas quests became available!
  • Stepping through the Dark Portal with Cablin at 61
  • Respeccing Restoration on a whim
  • Getting accepted into <Apollyon> with Cablin

What are your major achievements for The Burning Crusade? What are the good times you remember?

Events galore!

November 6, 2008


Well, we ordered our expansion copies today. I guess that signifies to me that Wrath is just around the corner – I know some people in our guild have had the expansion on order for 10+ months, I feel so late!

I’m looking forward to it. New areas, new enemies, a bag full of new herbs, a new penguin mini pet named Pengu that is so totally going to be mine… I wasn’t around when Burning Crusade went live (a mere twinkle in my Momma Druids eye) so this is really exciting for me. The event leading up to the release has been great fun so far, as you can see by the screenshot above, I’ve had my fun. Yes, that was Cablin going AFK near Tyrande. Yes – A ‘random’ Ghoul blew up near everyone. No, not completely random… The Ghoul was picked flowers beforehand. Tyrande owned them all though, including the infected Cablin. He wasn’t quite sure what had happened when he got back, his own leader having beat him down.

That, and the Halloween event has kept me busy for a few weeks. I managed to get ‘Gwyn the Hallowed‘ (Cab got his title too!) so that makes us happy bunnies; as well as 2 new mini pets for my army collection. Sinister Squashling and Vampiric Batling!


The fan mail had its kicks too. Though, it did burst my bubble a little when Cablin had the same note. Who does the kid think he is? Just what are they teaching the Orpans these days?