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Defenders of Fate do Sunwell!

February 7, 2009

kiljaedenon0As you can see by the screenshot on the left (thank you, Draeven!), we managed to complete Sunwell. It was only a fun run, since we cleared all possible raids till they unlock…

But we all managed to pick up the achievement for clearing it, and they didn’t mind me tagging along an hour late since I finish work late on a Saturday. Thanks guys!

Aside from owning old school raids, and the newer ones, we’ve been on alts a lot. Hunters, Death Knights, and our Blood Elf Paladins. With the recent changes, I’m hoping Ulduar is going to be tricky, because the game has suddenly become very, very easy. Its no fun clearing Naxxramas 25 in two nights, and having to take it easy on the other raids because we want some things left to raid at the end of the week.


Achievement Spam?

February 5, 2009

Taking Heartstation’s lead on Dating an Infested Root-Walker, we decided to complete those annoying Achievements that involves leveling your Unarmed skill, and then 3 other weapon skills, to 400.

I hit him with staves, daggers, my puny fists...

This poor fellow… I hit him with my fists, then an old stave, then an old dagger… To finish him off, I hit him with my current Epic mace. He went out with style. I did feel rather barbaric, hitting one of my own kind – even if he was a little infested…

Whats in a Title?

February 3, 2009

Around 4 hours of grinding Gnome and Draenei reputation, thats what. I still have a fairly big list of the factions I want at Exalted, so I think I’ll be a while. It passes time between patches!

Cablin and myself got our swanky new Ambassador titles today (well; he got his last night) and also unlocked all the Alliance racial mounts. Its a nice step forward, especially at this point where the guild is pretty much steamrollering content as fast as they are.

On that note, my poor little Restoration Druid went Balance for a few raids. Its such a big change, though I’ll admit I did have fun. We lacked a little DPS for a night, so I went ahead and respecced and became the Battlechicken. I didn’t do too bad, considering I had my Restoration Glyphs and Equipment… Quite proud of myself. I still missed my tree however, and scuttled back into the Restoration talents ASAP. I think healing is my niche. I’m not comfortable unless I’m healing, especially now Cablin is tanking. Protectiveness? Maybe. Bears need love too!

I promise a picture post soon – we just arrived at Cablin’s house, so no graphics ready as yet!


(What she hasn’t mentioned is we have been hiding away on our horde characters after the raid 😉 The scary thing is, we’re both enjoying it!)

Gallery Update!

January 31, 2009


New art has been uploaded into the gallery! I commissioned the artist before Christmas, and I’m so happy with the result! I’m a role-player at heart, and I love the way she’s given Gwyn her own little piece of character. Thank you! I love art work, and this piece is just amazing!

Check the gallery for the full piece, as well as some others that have been uploaded recently!

In other news, we’ve been farming achievements with Sevarash and Sarazein, two Guildies who we’ve known for a couple of years now; we’ve done most of the Outland dungeons now. It wasn’t hard, just a little bit infuriating… I’ve done those instances millions of times, so running them again was a bit of a bore.

I made my Guildies very happy by hitting 400 Inscription tonight, meaning I can make Darkmoon Cards of the North. Lets hope I can make the right ones, and help some friends get trinkets! Cablin also dropped Herbalism and Enchanting the other night, preferring to take up Skinning and Leatherworking. Its working his way so far, he hit 400 Leatherworking and maxed his Skinning a few minutes ago… He’s now waiting for kits to sell and for the gold so slowly trickle in!

New Title Ahoy!

January 27, 2009

elderFinally, we got through Utgarde Pinnacle with relative ease, and earned ourselves some pretty new titles. We managed to stealth through some of the Northrend dungeons, though we had to group up and go through others. It adds something of a challenge to the achievements, which is always good. If they were always easy, there would be no pride involved!

I made sure I picked up a whole load of Festival Dumplings too; around 500. They’re pretty nifty, and I have the room to keep them in my bank so why not? I already got the cute pink festival dress from the event, so I’d rather my coins were spent up.

As you can see from the right, I’ve been into Naxxramas some more and picked up a new robe (and did the Heigan dance!), and a few new shines with Emblems of Heroism. I’m getting more confident with raiding now, and that’s starting to show in my overall healing; we’ve done quite a few Heroics recently and where I shied away before, I’m blossoming now. Culling of Stratholme? Easy peasy – we can do that on a daily basis now, for the mount. Before, I didn’t have the confidence to do it – everyone said it was hell to heal. Aside from an over-aggroing Death Knight, I can’t say I had too much of an issue.

Inscription is around the 220 mark now, and getting easier when I get my lazy tree butt into the habit of going out and herbing for the pigments. Its almost Outland level, so I’ll grin and bear it tomorrow in between Heroics… It took me a while to level Alchemy that way, so I’m working on Inscription – I don’t want it to lag behind for too long.

Anyway, I’m going to go jump onto the Death Knight Bandwagon, and unwind after our Heroic spammed day!