Its probably worth noting that the authors of this blog game as a couple. From levels 1 to 70, they’ve grinded together, died together, PvP’d together, and now at 70, they’re raiding together.


Originally a cat druid when she first rolled, and switched to Restoration during a ‘bored’ phase. She hasn’t looked back since. Healing her way through Heroics and Raids, and grinding with Cablin, she’s never had so much fun while playing. An avid collector of all mini-pets great and small, she can be found grinding reputation during free moments and on the arm of a rather handsome Balance Druid during the rest of her time!

Armory | Warcraft Pets

Also plays: Death Knight, Warrior, Paladin


Cablin started as a Bear Druid, but switched to the Balance tree when he had a spare moment. He’d wanted to spec Balance for months, and as soon as he did he found a certain affinity with the Moonkin. He still collects tanking gear and fantasizes about going Bear, only to hug his inner Moonkin and remain Balance. Remember kids! Everyone has a big feathered cuddlepillow of love inside their soul somewhere!

As of December 2008, Cablin is now specced to Bear Druid. He’s tanking Naxxramas, heroics and many other wonderful places, and picking mobs from his teeth for weeks afterwards.

Armory | Warcraft Pets

Also plays: Death Knight, Warrior, Paladin


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