Defenders of Fate do Sunwell!


kiljaedenon0As you can see by the screenshot on the left (thank you, Draeven!), we managed to complete Sunwell. It was only a fun run, since we cleared all possible raids till they unlock…

But we all managed to pick up the achievement for clearing it, and they didn’t mind me tagging along an hour late since I finish work late on a Saturday. Thanks guys!

Aside from owning old school raids, and the newer ones, we’ve been on alts a lot. Hunters, Death Knights, and our Blood Elf Paladins. With the recent changes, I’m hoping Ulduar is going to be tricky, because the game has suddenly become very, very easy. Its no fun clearing Naxxramas 25 in two nights, and having to take it easy on the other raids because we want some things left to raid at the end of the week.


2 Responses to “Defenders of Fate do Sunwell!”

  1. Draeven Says:

    My picture is imba πŸ™‚

  2. Halcyon Says:

    Oh the game is still tricky, trust me. We’ve been clawing our eyes out in frustration trying to do Sartharion with 3 drakes still up on both 10- and 25-mans. And from how all the unofficial chatter is going, the harder setting of Ulduar is going to be on par with Sartharion+3D’s difficulty. So if a guild can’t master something like OS, they’re going to encounter some considerable issues progressing through Ulduar.

    While the basic T7.5 content is a joke once it’s mastered, fear not; there are still many challanges out there for those that want them. 😐

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