Here there be Dragons.


The newest member of the family.

Yep, we ran Heroic Stratholme again. We actually got the time limit, and some lucky Resto Druid got the roll! Now we have to run it for Cablin, fingers crossed he’s as lucky with his rolls as I am with mine.


One Response to “Here there be Dragons.”

  1. Halcyon Says:

    I often forget what a pain it is to run these kinds of instances with PUGs… We ran it back in the day with the same 5 people for 5 days in a row so we all would get a drake. Of course, my rolls were a little iffy too, I didn’t get it until the 4th day. >.>

    Congrats on beating out the competition with the lucky roll hax! Have you noticed how tiny it is though, compared to other drakes? 😛 Runt!

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