Whats in a Title?


Around 4 hours of grinding Gnome and Draenei reputation, thats what. I still have a fairly big list of the factions I want at Exalted, so I think I’ll be a while. It passes time between patches!

Cablin and myself got our swanky new Ambassador titles today (well; he got his last night) and also unlocked all the Alliance racial mounts. Its a nice step forward, especially at this point where the guild is pretty much steamrollering content as fast as they are.

On that note, my poor little Restoration Druid went Balance for a few raids. Its such a big change, though I’ll admit I did have fun. We lacked a little DPS for a night, so I went ahead and respecced and became the Battlechicken. I didn’t do too bad, considering I had my Restoration Glyphs and Equipment… Quite proud of myself. I still missed my tree however, and scuttled back into the Restoration talents ASAP. I think healing is my niche. I’m not comfortable unless I’m healing, especially now Cablin is tanking. Protectiveness? Maybe. Bears need love too!

I promise a picture post soon – we just arrived at Cablin’s house, so no graphics ready as yet!


(What she hasn’t mentioned is we have been hiding away on our horde characters after the raid 😉 The scary thing is, we’re both enjoying it!)


2 Responses to “Whats in a Title?”

  1. Splintered Says:


    I did the exact same thing and respecced to Moonkin.
    For different reasons, though. I really want to hit 80.
    Heroic healz. Om Nom Nom.

  2. Halcyon Says:

    Come to the dark side… Lok’tar Ogar!

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