Gallery Update!



New art has been uploaded into the gallery! I commissioned the artist before Christmas, and I’m so happy with the result! I’m a role-player at heart, and I love the way she’s given Gwyn her own little piece of character. Thank you! I love art work, and this piece is just amazing!

Check the gallery for the full piece, as well as some others that have been uploaded recently!

In other news, we’ve been farming achievements with Sevarash and Sarazein, two Guildies who we’ve known for a couple of years now; we’ve done most of the Outland dungeons now. It wasn’t hard, just a little bit infuriating… I’ve done those instances millions of times, so running them again was a bit of a bore.

I made my Guildies very happy by hitting 400 Inscription tonight, meaning I can make Darkmoon Cards of the North. Lets hope I can make the right ones, and help some friends get trinkets! Cablin also dropped Herbalism and Enchanting the other night, preferring to take up Skinning and Leatherworking. Its working his way so far, he hit 400 Leatherworking and maxed his Skinning a few minutes ago… He’s now waiting for kits to sell and for the gold so slowly trickle in!


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