Of Elders and Mammoths…


cablin-mammoth3As you can see by the picture on the right, Cablin got his shards and got himself a big tumbling rumbling mount of joy. The Mammoth.

Its quite dopey and cute actually… Its ears flop when it runs and it jumps like an idiot. Adorable. Cab actually got Stinker too, after snagging a few mini pets he missed. In between doing 25 man raiding and collecting the Elder achievements, we’ve been slacking a bit this weekend… I dropped my Alchemy (450) and picked up Inscription – it seems to be paying off already, even though it hasn’t quite reached the 200 mark as yet. Its still a long-ish haul though, and I’m even more happy I kept Herbalism (450). Its coming in more useful than I imagined, especially with herbs such as Goldthorn being 40-50g on the Auction House!

Over the past few days we’ve been mount hunting too, doing the Baron run, Zul’Gurub, Sethekk Halls… We’re planning on trying Karazhan at some point for the Horseman’s mount. Cablin is the mount collector, I’m the mini pet collecter… So we couldn’t miss out Magister’s Terrace. You remember that place, right? Well, we managed to duo it with no problem, but we couldn’t quite manage Kael’thas… Either way, we’ll duo him at some point. Duoing is something we really enjoy doing, so it won’t be too painful to do. Over, and over… Of course, it would be really nice to get the mounts for each of us… And over, and over…

Lunar Festival has hit Azeroth. We went around the majority of the Elders (only the ones hiding in Northrend dungeons remain – we’ll snag them tomorrow), but we didn’t quite anticipate what awaited us in our mailboxes the day afterward… Good God. Can someone take away the little red envelopes from these guys? I think they’re getting giddy with the office supplies… Not that I don’t enjoy being lavished with gifts. But geez… If it was my real mailbox, they’d probably get arrested.


One Response to “Of Elders and Mammoths…”

  1. Halcyon Says:

    Running ZG twice a week, KZ once a week, and MGT whenever we can squeeze it in for those mounts. I’m starting to really hate those places, doing the same fights over and over… We’ve been doing it for maybe 3 months now and still no raptor, tiger, Midnight, or hawkstrider. 😐 So good luck to you, maybe you’ll be more lucky that we have been.

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