Healing Meter Spam.


healing-sarthThe time has come for me to look at my healing! Last night, we went into Heroic Naxx, and I was pretty much the bottom of the healing meters… I was disappointed in myself. I’m not on the same gear standard as people in the raid, but I really shouldn’t be last. So, the time came togwynchoochoo1 boot up the healing meters and see just where I was going wrong. The meter on the left is the Sartharion fight, from tonight. I was on group healing, so I broke out the Rejuvenation and Regrowths, and a Wild Growth after his Lava Wall move. It paid off – I used a mana pot and kept on top of things, without needing to use Innervate. Now, going through the charts after the fight, I felt a little silly – Wild Growth accounted for a lot less than a quarter of my healing. The other two Druids in the group used it enough to account for nearly a half of their healing. I do like Wild Growth, but like I said in my previous post – I tend not to use it a lot for the mana-conserving reason.

healingkz2The next chart is for the Kel’Thuzad fight, and the Sapphiron fight. I did overuse Wild Growth during the Sapphiron fight, because of nerves – I hadn’t done the fight before. When we went behind the Ice Blocks, I used Wild Growth – as well as on the other healers if they got caught up in her Blizzard AoE. I learned a lot from the other Druids in this fight – especially #2 because he was on group healing as well as I was. I used Rejuvenation and less of Regrowth, as the AoE Aura on Sapphiron hurts – a lot – but Rejuvenation just seemed to keep on top of it. Kel’Thuzad is pretty straight forward, I threw Lifebloom on the offtanks and Rejuvenation around the raid, and I hit 4th. Its worth noting that #3 is our Priest who believes that the Circle of Healing nerf was a travesty and that he can’t heal… Lets hope he sees things differently now.

Tonights verdict? Pretty awesome. I’m not bottom, and I feel like I worked hard, which is always good to feel after any raid. Congratulations to Cablin on his new ring, and I also got something with badges since I won Sartharions thrifty Satchel of Spoils.


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