A massive congratulations to Cablin who snagged his Staff of Trickery today! Really – you have no idea how many times he suffered Violet Hold. I did it with him earlier since its one of my days off, and it dropped. Huzzah! He soon had it enchanted with Mongoose and ready to roll – were duoing Onyxia in a few minutes so we’ll see how much of an improvement it is.

Now, as we all know it was patch day today… Wintergrasp is down, its lagging like crazy and were playing with job changes. Wild Growth is now on a 6 second cooldown – is it hard to cope with?

In my opinion, no. I’ve gone through heroics today with no issues – the 6 second cooldown is nothing really. If it does make problems for you, then you should probably check out your rotations. Same as priest and Circle of Healing. We had a rather dramatic guildie come on and tell us he ‘might not heal the raid’ because ‘his healing was nerfed’. Uhhm… Really. If you spammed Wild Growth/Circle of Healing 4 times in 6 seconds (he said he used to) then you really need to look at what your doing. At 804 mana, Wild Growth is a monster – 4 times in 6 seconds? That’s over 3k mana on a pitiful amount of HP healed. I’m unsure what the mana cost of Circle of Healing is, but if its similar to Wild Growth then… What on earth are you thinking? Forgive me Holy Priests if its a really good way of conserving mana – I should read up on it – but really!

Moonfire has also been hit by the patch stick – the graphic looks awesome now, like a giant disco ball lighting up the sky! Since the blog name comes from the spell, it definitely deserves a mention – as well as the new 75-vanity-pet achievement. I want that salt lick. 57/75!



Onyxia downed in 13 minutes, with Cab tanking in Cat form and me healing/nuking her down with Moonfire, Wrath and Starfire. Not too shabby!


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