The Tree’s are on Fire! (Water, now!)


the_trees_are_on_fireA night of raiding draws to a close, and even though the Azure Dragon Malygos got one up on us this time we pretty much have the strategy nailed – its the timing we seem to let slide. It wasn’t a bad run, and we all learned from it… Kel’Thuzad and Sartharion last night got pummeled, so all is good. The fact that our 25 man raid team earlier had 3 resto Druids led to some funny discussions, and Tfalcon (Bronze Dragonflight EU) posted the above picture on our guild forums… It got a few laughs from me and I thought I’d share.

It was actually mine and Cablins first 25 man raid, so getting Kel’Thuzad and Sartharion done was a major achievement for us – we’ve come a long way since the old days of Kara and Zul’Aman. I got my first piece of 25 man loot – Mantle of the Eternal Sentinal. Its a major upgrade from my previous blue shoulders, so I had a grin on my face that night – even Cablin didn’t leave empty handed. He got Dragon Hide Bag!


2 Responses to “The Tree’s are on Fire! (Water, now!)”

  1. Halcyon Says:

    Congrats on your KT and Sarth wins!! And that lucky dog (bear?), I’ve been rolling on that Dragonhide bag every week, but the Roll Gods seem to frown on me…

    BTW, that little link image you made is absolutely perfect, thanks! /cheer

  2. Gwyn Says:

    The Roll Gods usually frown on me, I was pretty lucky tonight though.

    Aw, I feel so honored on your site. :X. Your blog was the first gaming blog I started reading, back when I played FFXI. /sentimental.

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