(Druid) Patch Notes – Patch 3.0.8 updated.

  • Aquatic Form is now available from druid trainers at level 16.
  • Feral Attack Power: All weapons now have the potential to grant feral attack power based on their dps (as compared to the best superior-quality weapons available at level 60). Players will see their existing feral weapons grant roughly the same attack power as they did before (+/- 2 or so), but many new weapons will be options for the feral druid. Some feral weapons have had strength converted to attack power to be more appealing to other classes able to equip them. All druids will see the amount of feral attack power granted by an item in the item tooltip, if it grants any, but other players will not see that information.
  • Remove Curse and Abolish Poison can now be used in Moonkin form.
  • Genesis: Now works with Tranquility and Hurricane.
  • Growl: Range increased to 30 yards.
  • King of the Jungle – The Bear effect is now physical, and thus cannot be dispelled.
  • Moonglow: This talent now also benefits Nourish.
  • Nature’s Grace – Now also effects Revive.
  • Nourish: Wild Growth applied to a target now increases the healing done by this spell by 20% like other heal over time effects.
  • Polearms: Now trainable by Druids.
  • Primal Tenacity: Now reduces the cost of Bear Form, Cat Form, and Dire Bear Form by 17/33/50% in addition to its previous effects.
  • Protector of the Pack: No longer changes value based on party size.
  • Savage Roar: The buff now persists outside of Cat Form but only provides its benefits while in Cat Form.
  • Starfall: Instead of canceling shapeshifting, now cancels on shapeshifting into an animal form.
  • Survival of the Fittest: This talent now grants 22/44/66% bonus armor in Bear Form and Dire Bear Form in addition to all of its previous effects.
  • Swipe: Swipe (Cat) has now been added at level 71, dealing 260% weapon damage, costs 50 energy with no cooldown. All talents affecting the Bear Form version affect the Cat Form one as well.
  • Wild Growth now has a 6 second cooldown.

2 Responses to “(Druid) Patch Notes – Patch 3.0.8 updated.”

  1. Halcyon Says:

    Hey there! I was tinkering around with my layout and wanted to link to your blog; however, I couldn’t find any kind of “buttons” for you. So I was wondering if I was looking in the wrong place, or if I should just text link to you. Drop me a line back please! 😀

  2. Halcyon Says:

    Any size would be fine, really. But something like the buttons you have on the right would really kick butt because I could just add it down with my other buttons!

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