Wishlist 2009: EoH loots!


Firstly, happy new year! I hope everyone had a great start to the year of the Ox Tauren, and I hope your all safe and well.

spell_holy_proclaimchampionFirst constructive post of the new year, is a quick list of the Emblem loots I really should get off my bum and earn in the coming weeks and months. As most players know, Emblems of Heroism replaced Badges of Justice for Wrath of the Lich King, and can be obtained by doing Heroics in Northrend. So yes – very much the same as Badges of Justice with a nice name change.

I seem to have quite a list of loot I want from the pesky little things, and I thought I’d add it up here to keep track of it.

I still have a fair way to go. Luckily my new years resolution of doing a Heroic a day with Cablin (unless we both can’t be bothered) will get me them in due time. We actually have 2 Horde paladins leveling at the moment (69 as of today), which we transferred from our old realm through to Bronze Dragonflight this week, so even with us ‘taking a break‘ from raiding for now we have things to keep us occupied.

inv_egg_02In other news, we managed to get our reputations to the level needed for the Cracked Egg in Sholazar Basin. Cablin wants the Reins of the Green Proto Drake, as does most of the WoW population.. I want the mini pets. Our first egg? A strange pink snake, and a Tickbird Hatchling. I’ve assured Cablin that there is no way in hell he can use either as a mount, though…

In other news, from the 9th of this week the two Druids will be sunning themselves on a nice beach somewhere, since Cablin decided to excel himself for our anniversary and take me to Tenerife! We’ll be back in a week, to hit you up with more Druid love!


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