More Naxxramas goodness!


First things first, good luck to Pyroblast! They’re going for Stinker (he loves Cablin when he’s in cat form… Well, he did come with a warning!) so oodles of good luck to him – keep me posted!

Well, <Utopia> went into Naxxramas for the second time, although this time was a full guild run with no PUG’s. A few in the run didn’t think we’d do too well… But as the night went on, our kill list got bigger. Anub’Rhekan, Grand Widow Faerlina, Maexxna, Patchwerk, Grobullus and Gluth all fell to our wrath. Gluth did cause a few problems CC wise, but we managed eventually and finished up feeling very proud of ourselves.

Cablin didn’t get any tanking gear (doh!) but I got a few items which will boost my healing a little; Agonal Sash, Contagion Gloves and Girdle of Lenience all went into my bags. Blizzard seemed to want me to have a belt item, I think… Needless to say, I really hope Cablin gets some shiny drops soon. He’s worked really hard getting his tanking set up, and he’s managing just fine in Naxx which is amazing. He never thought we’d get him as DPS into Naxx, nevermind as the main Off Tank. Go Cablin!

Now, my healing techniques…

I’ve noticed as the weeks go by and when I’m healing more heroics, raids and quests, that my healing style has changed a fair bit since the end of BC. Yes, I do still roll Lifebloom… But towards the end of BC I was out-gearing the raids we were doing, and I only had to add Rejuvenation on top of Lifebloom to successfully heal the tank. Now, I see myself using Regrowth, Rejuvenation and Lifebloom as the situation calls, and sometimes (shock!) even a Natures Swiftness + Healing Touch.

Thats shocked me a little bit. I specced into Wild Growth, thinking that I’d be using it a lot. Am I? No. Just when the situation calls for it, for fights where the tank and close-quarters DPS are suffering together and I’m busy. Its really handy for those situations. I do cringe for people who use it 5-6 times in the space of 30 seconds, though… The next patch will hit them pretty hard. Is that when the resto Druids who specced resto before Wrath will shine a little? I hope so!


2 Responses to “More Naxxramas goodness!”

  1. Vijay Says:

    Am a 85 Resto druid (still a novice, yes), but have never been anything else but Resto in my arduous leveling journey. Much like you, I specced Wild Growth because I thought I would be using it a lot, and also because I saw reviews saying that Wild Growth spam was FTW.

    I have no idea what they were going on about. I use Wild Growth maybe 7% of the time, just to round off the other HOTS. So when i read the patch notes, I initially panicked. Then i realised that it wouldn’t affect me at all.

    Intelligent druid healing FTW!

    Splintered – Barthilas

  2. Vijay Says:

    I meant to say 65.

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