What makes a ‘good’ player?


Since Jaramon at Deathcoil.org decided to add a post outlining his ideas on what makes a good player, I thought I’d jump onto the bandwagon and add my opinions also. Other blogs that have opinionated on this topic are Casual WoW and PinkpigtailInn.

World of Warcraft, to me, is an outlet that me and my boyfriend can use when we aren’t in the same county (he lives over an hour away from me) to spend time together in and to relax in. Its not even close to spending time together out of game, but when that’s not possible it makes a good substitute. Over the time we have played, we’ve met some absolutely fabulous people.

We’ve also met some people we’d rather forget. Such as the ‘guildie’ who makes instances hellish for Cablin – when Cab first went bear, he was a complete douchebag. The last time we did a heroic with him, he decided to pull before I had even 300 mana, only to whisper Cab and say ‘did u really think I would die? i wanted to see if you’d taunt‘, and then whisper me ‘sorry i didn’t see you had no mana‘. I hate liars, and I hate people who act like jerks.

From experience, there are some things you do in game, and some things you don’t. The above guildie is a pretty young player, and people blame his attitude on that. And the fact he has a tough life at home. That irks me – other people have a bad time too, but they have a wonderful attitude. Sometimes it slips, but its nothing compared to the hellish spawn that our guildie manifests into.

Therefore, I don’t see him as a good player. Who knows, my opinion may change in time. But right now, I’d rather do heroics with PUG’s, and thats sad.

Good players have to fulfill a number of points for me. Such as-

  • Being able to play their job in a competent manner. That doesn’t mean being perfect. If you need practice, just say – its a game.
  • Not bringing ‘RL’ (real-life) drama into game. Not everyone wants to be treated like crap cause your Mom made you clean your room.
  • Take criticism. Sometimes you don’t know everything. Listen to other peoples opinions and take them into consideration.
  • Knowing your DPS. Not unloading all your DPS in 3 seconds, and throwing a fit when you don’t get hate. Watch Omen or the Blizz threat meter!
  • Being able to ask for help. Nobody knows everything.
  • Earning your keep. No I won’t give you 5000 gold. But yes, I can craft you those potions you needed.
  • Respect. Have respect for others, and they’ll give you the same in return.
  • A strong resolve. No, that boss might not get downed tonight, but you at least need the will to try.
  • Remember. Players are people. You can’t see them or touch them, but your words can. Negative hurts somebody. Positive builds somebody.

I’m pretty sure my ‘good player criteria’ follow everybody else’s. But surely thats a good thing? Being a good player doesn’t always mean knowing everything there is to know about your job. Sometimes you have to learn too, especially when people are finding their feet with the new expansion. Nobody knows everything. Only what they’ve read on various Warcraft sites, and forums. That player over there might not play the same style as you. But take it in your stride – be a good Warcraft player.


One Response to “What makes a ‘good’ player?”

  1. Jaramon Says:

    Excellent post! I think you are right in the idea of building up players and helping them develop.

    Thanks for the thought and link!

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