stinkerI’ve heard how well you take care of our furry friends. I hope you don’t mind but I must get Stinker a new home. He just refuses to play nice with others.

Please make sure to feed him twice a day, and um… He has thing for black cats.


I actually got this little fellow a few weeks ago, but I’ve only *just* read my memo to post about it. Oops! Thank you to everyone who has gifted me a mini-pet… Next milestone is 75! (And thank you to Wowhead for giving me the cutest picture I could ever post of Stinker since Gwyn is… Very tall.)

The other major achievement me and Cablin managed to snag, is of course, the Merrymaker title. I think its such a cute title to have anyway, but it means we have Merrymaker and ~the Hallowed now. If you haven’t gotten the title yet and want it, hurry! Winters Veil ends on January the 2nd!


One Response to “Achievements!”

  1. Devv Says:

    Out of nowhere, I got the urge to make a run at Stinker. I’m only halfway there, but I’m sure some of the Northrend reputation pets will help. As far as Merrymaker goes, I’m way too far behind on cooking to make that happen. Maybe next year. =)

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