Happy Christmas!


A very happy Christmas to everyone! Eat, drink and be merry! Remember: Don’t drink and mount up!


In the two months since Moonfire began, its come a long way and I’m rather proud. I started, not wanting to commit to a blog in case I couldn’t keep up to it, and I’m managing just fine at the moment – as is Cablin! Since the blog itself was started, Cablin has respecced, we’ve lost most if not all of our TBC epics and started collecting WOTLK epics… Its a long way for us.

I want to take the time to heartfully thank Resto4life and Mooonfire for making us feel really welcome in the WoW blog-o-sphere, it means a lot to us! I’m sorry for the confusion with the name Mr. Mooonfire – we should have scoped it out better!

As of the 23rd of December, Moonfire has had 1000 individual hits. Its a fantastic milestone, and I thank everyone who has contributed – Moonfire is here to stay for a long while yet! Thank you!

I also want to thank everyone for the advice regarding Titansteel Guardian. Its actually at the bottom of my ‘wishlist’ at the moment, barely there – I’m sticking to the fact its not actually that useful for me. The spellpower is a nice bonus, yes, but… So many other maces offer much more than just stamina and spellpower.


…I made someone a chocolate cake for Christmas, to show him how much his fat bear butt means to me. I love Portal. Therefore I had to post this achievement.


One Response to “Happy Christmas!”

  1. Llanion Says:

    Hey, if we play our cards right, they’ll come looking to you for something that’s on my site, and figure, hey, why not add these fine folks to the blogroll… then they’ll come to my site looking for you, and add me to the blogroll… it’s all good!

    Plus, with Cablin being feral and me having specced deep Balance (don’t tell Phaelia!), we cover all three specs between us.

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