Naxxramas progress!


Its been a while. Things have been busy on Warcraft, with the guild getting up on its feet again, but! There has been progress!


Naxxramas. Considering the guild had to rebuild from the beginning again around a week ago, being in Naxx wasn’t bad progress. We did two bosses, just to ‘test the waters’ with some folks from another guild. Patchwerk (whom I didn’t get a screenshot of) and Maexxna got downed – with Cablin tanking. I’m really proud of him, he was Moonkin a few days ago and fwoosh. He’s now tanking in Naxx with no problems.

Thanks to a guildie, Gwyn has her very nice Earthgiving Leggings and Earthgiving Boots – we went into Violet Hold heroic soon after I equipped them and the mana regen is amazing. I was shocked at how little I had to sit and drink – I think my mana regen sits at 556 without buffs. It’ll increase, of course, but I wonder – if those 2 items made a huge difference, its going to be heaven when it gets higher.

I also managed to get The Egg of Mortal Essence. I was really gutted to replace my epic Alchemy stone that I had made at level 70, but it got bested. By an egg. Those blood, sweat and tears that I went through months ago to be able to heal 70 raids were well worth it, it lasted until 80.

Updated the site header and a few other bits and pieces today – I know it looks odd on widescreens, forgive me! I only realised when logging on on Cablins laptop! I’m going to attempt to read up and fix it for you!


2 Responses to “Naxxramas progress!”

  1. Cablin Says:

    You did great healing VH heroic, baby! I’m having so much fun tanking and feel safe having you as my healer!

  2. Gwyn Says:

    Aw. :3. Thank yewwww~


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