Winters Veil.



A long time, no update! Me and Cablin have been working out little night elf fingers to the bone on game, getting gear for heroics and getting gear for Cablins new spec. Yes. Its official. He’s going tank. Its been a long time in coming, and he’s finally decided. He has a pretty sweet tanking set ready, but a few pieces are missing so we’ll work on that over the next few days.

We’ve also been working on the Winters Veil achievements. We currently have them all done, aside from Crashin & Thrashin. They were easy enough, we even duo’d the Nexus boss for her hat, with no problems at all even as a Moonkin and a Tree. Fun!

I must say, I was really daunted at the prospect of doing heroics in Northrend… I’m unsure why. Perhaps the BC heroics when I was hitting 70 scared the hell out of me. But I’ve had fun with the Northrend ones! We’ve managed to do a few so far;

  • Utgarde Keep
  • Violet Hold
  • The Nexus

Cablin keeps trying to ease me into others, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m sitting at around 1400 spellpower unbuffed these days, and up to 1600 buffed with food and a flask. I got taken into Naxx by the guild a week or so ago and got Infection Repulser, which will hold out until I can get the crafted mace.


4 Responses to “Winters Veil.”

  1. Eglador Says:

    That crafted mace gets nerfed a bit with the upcoming patch, and it has no Intellect or Spirit, so I wouldn’t recommend it in the beginning (at least if you want some other stuff besides pure spellpower :))

  2. Gwyn Says:

    I always thought it was a bit of a cruddy weapon for a resto druid to have anyway, but Guildies are pushing me to have it. I think I’ll fight my corner a little more, I mean, the spellpower is the only redeeming factor of it. Nothing else is that useful for me.

  3. Llanion Says:

    Tell your guildies to stop pushing! The Repulser is far and away the better weapon, especially as the Titansteel Guardian is getting nerfed.

  4. Gwyn Says:

    I’m focusing more on getting a few more crafted epics – I’ve pretty much nerfed the Titansteel Guardian to the bottom of my priority list, but I’m still getting hassle from some folks.


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