Long time no update…and time for a change!


Once again Christmas is here in Azeroth, Gwyn and I are currently slaving away to try do the christmas achievements… shouldn’t take us too long – I only need to level my cooking about 100 more levels to finish one of them >.<;

Anywho, i’ve surprised myself and I think maybe Gwyn too… I’ve decided to switch from Moonkin back to my roots as Feral, I started the game as a feral druid and really enjoyed it, then my confidence got knocked trying to tank my first heroic so I went DPS. So lets see if I can do it! Its much easier getting gear from heroics as a Moonkin as i’m already geared to do them =).

Anyway, that was just a quick update; more should be posted after we have our Merrymaker title or if I manage to finish my feral set and show it off in some flashy pictures!


One Response to “Long time no update…and time for a change!”

  1. Devv Says:

    Welcome back to the blogosphere. Whenever I go a few days without posting, I feel like I’ve probably lost the few readers that I have. Just a quick note to let you know that at least THIS reader is still scoping things out. =)

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