Ding Dong Merrily on High.



A new feature on Moonfire.org – the Gallery. I collect artwork of Gwyn and Cablin, and I thought I’d showcase some of it on the blog. Over the next few days I’ll upload what I have, and add more as I get it.

mail_gmiconHappy 4th Anniversary, Blizzard! Another late post, but hey, I got there in the end. Thank you for the gift – he’s adorable. I needed a new fishing companion (Cablin snores too loud) and you came through for me. Much love to you, Blizz!

Well, we hit 80 a night ago. The grind itself wasn’t so hard – I expected it to be a lot tougher. The quests as I mentioned before, are really interactive – we ended up hitting 80 with 2 zones left to quest in. That means Storm Peaks, and Ice Crown (incidentally, the 2 areas we wanted to do most) are left for us to leisurely stroll through and quest when we feel that way.

At the moment, were trying to get into the Northrend instances, since most of them are quite short and easy on the brain. We haven’t got onto heroics just yet, but were not too far off. We managed to get through some yesterday, and had a lot of fun while doing them-

  • Drak’Tharon Keep

A very easy place to heal as a resto druid, although the last boss was a bit of a blur since nobody explainedcritterbites we got turned into skeletons on that last fight. Never mind, we got through it while improvising. The only other pain I remember is Trollgore using Corpse Explosion frequently – though a Rejuvenation kept the DPS and Tank up pretty easy, it was a shock at first.

Did I mention how much fun it is to go through an instance with a bag full of Critter Bites? Ha! My army of Beetles, Spider and Rats was growing by the second. Boo that they only last for 3 minutes, but…

  • Gundrak

Another Troll-themed instance. Another instance where nothing really magical happens in terms of healing. (Even though I say nothing really sets the instance aside in healing terms, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it as a whole – I’m just used to tricky bosses). The last boss loved Impaling Cablin on his horn, which makes me think that Rhinos don’t like birds sat on their horns after all…

  • The Oculus

This, was a ‘fun’ instance! With a group that listens I assure you, you’ll have a whale of a time – but if your like us and get a mage who picks the green drake to DPS, even though the colours of the drakes have been explained a hundred times over, then your in for a long fight. Of course, the mage died. Then, couldn’t keep the tank drake healed (the tank drake was Cablin, our tank wanted to tank with a DPS drake). Me and the mage switched towards the end of the instance, after wiping on the boss first time around.

If your on the green drake, make sure you keep Leeching Poison on the Ley Guardian 3 times. Then heal the tank. Then Leeching Poison again. Then heal the tank. Its really easy once you know how, I promise.

  • The Culling of Stratholme

I had. So much fun. Doing this instance. I implore you to do the same. Its hard to do the quests knowing the outcome, but its a lot of fun – I’m really looking forward to this on heroic!

chromie-time1So other than questing, we did get quite a lot done over the past few days. Again, I’m sorry we couldn’t blog before now – its been manic with Cablins computer having to be reformatted and me being ill. I’m really happy our druids hit 80 however, it means we can settle back and gear them up (again), get reputations up (again!) and give attention to our neglected alts. I hope our American lovelies had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and I’m looking forward to sharing Winters Veil and its luscious treats with you. The guild is moving ahead to Naxxramas tonight, although me and Cablin aren’t going since we want to get geared up beforehand – good luck Apollyon!


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