inv_misc_celebrationcake_011Many congratulations to Tinkie for getting to 80! Now he just has to wait for the rest of his guild to book their ideas up and catch up to him! He’s a Restoration Druid, but specced Balance for the expansion. He’s also the (current) guild know-it-all about instances and quests. We love you Tink!


And I managed to ding 73 last night. Next to a random human on a ram even though I tried getting Cablin in there too, but hey – can’t get everything right. We plan on hitting 74 later, since we both want to have a wander around Dalaran, and I want to see the shop where my character will be lurking, and spending copious amounts of gold, constantly.


One Response to “Congratulations!”

  1. Strawberrie Says:

    Just saw you linked me! I hope Dalaran is treating you and your little pets well. (And this is an interesting little blog, I will have to take some time and read it…)

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