Murloc Momma?



I had *so* much fun doing that quest. We hit 72 (and Cab managed to sneak in 73 too) last night so we wandered over to the Tundra that people really, really dislike. In our guild anyway. I haven’t found it that boring as yet, but we only made it half way through quests before calling it a night. Though something terrible has begun.

Our epics.

Are being replaced.

By blues and greens.

Yes, very slowly at first – but its happening. At least we raided towards the ‘end’ of Burning Crusade with a grin on our faces knowing we were going to be updated, but you still have to swallow that nominal amount of pride and switch in that green I think. Some of the items look rather pretty too, which is a bonus – especially when switching from epics.

inv_misc_bag_satchelofcenariusAs for my professions, Herbalism hit 425 last night (much quicker than I thought it would) and Alchemy is around 400. I’m only using the herbs I pick up from questing areas – I haven’t bought any, and I’m not having much of a problem. Once I collect enough, I’ll push through to 450. I’m determined to save gold and only use what I collect – thats why I picked herbalism, right?


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