A whole new world.


Just like almost everyone else, me and Cablin have been spending our time in Northrend as of late. This place is fantastic – I’m not just talking about the graphics and the EXP – but the sheer interactiveness of the expansion. I’ve been collecting critters from traps, blowing up mines to get gems, and looting mobs that have been killed by NPC’s. Blizzard have really outdone themselves this time!


Yes, I reached 71. I’m not rushing leveling in this expansion – so many people are, we have a 76 Druid (go go Tinkie!) in our guild and we’ve already seen the achievements for realm first popping up here, there and everywhere. The first level 80 on our server was a Tauren shaman, he dinged 80 while we were playing with our Death Knights. (Yeah, our game time has been split between our Druids and two deliciously evil Death Knights – such a deliciously evil class to play, with my own deliciously evil ghoulish minion to order around. Yum!)

The quests in this expansion, and the areas themselves, are beautiful I don’t want to rush around leveling. When I get to 80, I get to 80. Some people like the rush however, so power to them.


I feel like a tourist sometimes. I had to take a picture of the penguins… I mean look how cute they are! Were only questing in Howling Fjord, I’m going to be terrible in the other areas. My herb bag is full of strange new herbs which look really pretty, my bag full of green items that are nearly as good as my epics, and I’m really enjoying it!


Meet the newest member of our family – Frosty. He’s very shy, unlike his more brutal ancestors, and prefers to eat my cooking. No wonder he’s looking so thin…


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