The Wrath Checklist


Taking inspiration from a lot of bloggers at the moment, I figured I’d share my Wrath of the Lich King checklist too. I’ve thought about it for a good few weeks now, and we finally settled a few days ago.


spell_nature_protectionformnatureI’ll be staying Restoration, as I level alongside Cablin anyway. He’s staying DPS (Balance) as far as I know (though he did complete his tanking set last night – hurray!) so it’ll be pretty easy to level together. I can keep him healed when he tanks as a Moonkin so even those tricky group quests will be easy enough to do. Hopefully.


inv_potion_168I’ve been stockpiling herbs to make potions and elixirs for the expansion, though I’m unsure how useful they will truly be. Either way, were pretty stocked up on them. Bandages, check – Netherweave ones, just in case. I don’t want to fall flat on my face in Northrend because I was getting mana back and some Mammoth sat on me. Food and drink? I didn’t actually get food to carry over – I’m sure that there will be a nice little vendor to sell some Northrend cuisine to me when I get there.


inv_box_petcarrier_01Since I carry all my pets with me these days, they’ve all been through a reputable quarantine and have had all the shots available. I don’t want Twinkie McTwinkle, the White Kitten getting flu over there. Right? I have plenty of space for new additions also, and have anticipated the grind towards Exalted for new members of my miniature family.


  • inv_chest_cloth_15Spellpower+ set
  • Mana regen set
  • Cablin tank set
  • Cablin Moonkin set
  • Earmuffs, Talbuk fur boots, thick undergarments, the scarf Cablin’s Grandma elf knitted him..

Bank space;

inv_misc_toy_07Have I cleared out my (very messy) bank? Of course! I had a small jumble sale for friends, giving away what was useful and selling off whatever else at the AH. I had collected so many cards, random blues, and even a rather nice epic that I had never, ever used. A shame, but it was taking up space. For some reason I’d also collected some rather random gray/white items… Oh well. There was no mercy!


inv_valentinesboxofchocolates02Done, done and done. One thing I really hate is being ‘addon-blind’. I never used to use addons, now? I can play without them, but its a nuisance. I think I’ve become to lazy and dependent on them. Luckily every one of them has been updated for WOTLK, and I’ve even picked some others up for the ride.

You see? As we get ready to enter the snowy North, we hope you are too. Remember, be responsible and don’t leave your Mounts or pets alone at home! Remember to wrap up warm, and most of all – decimate those Scourge responsible for Ghouling us all up a few weeks ago!


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