‘The day of Wrath has come.’



Taking inspiration from Matticus, this post is all about looking back. Wrath of the Lich King is going live at 00.01 tonight, and Cablin has a Collectors Edition for both of us – we won’t be installing till Friday when we can be together to explore. We weren’t here for The Burning Crusade‘s launch, so this was a completely new experience for us both. Its been a lot of fun in all honesty – the Scourge event climaxing with the Frost Wyrms attacking Stormwind Harbor, with the fun transformations along the way.

Pre-WoTLK has been a huge rollercoaster ride for me. I’ve raided, grinded, worked my professions up to 375, done daily quests day, after day, after day… But soon enough my level 70 won’t be the highest level anymore. Oh no. In an matter of hours, that epic equipment won’t be some of the best in the game…

How do I feel?

Excited! Gwyn is my favorite character, so being able to level her again is going to be amazing. I remember the grind to 70, and how much I hated it. When I dinged I was so happy that I’d never have to level her again. A long time later, and I can’t wait till I do actually level her. The new raids sound fun to do, and the new areas look really pretty!

High points of The Burning Crusade, for me (in no order);

  • Raiding Karazhan for the first timeepicff
  • Making my first 1000 gold
  • Completing the Epic Flight Form quest with Cablin
  • Getting Alchemy, Herbalism, First Aid and Cooking to 375
  • Progressing, and moving into Black Temple raids
  • Getting full epics
  • Being able to afford epic flying skill (5,000!)
  • Reaching 5,000 gold before the Isle of Quel’Danas quests became available!
  • Stepping through the Dark Portal with Cablin at 61
  • Respeccing Restoration on a whim
  • Getting accepted into <Apollyon> with Cablin

What are your major achievements for The Burning Crusade? What are the good times you remember?


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