Black Temple fun!


Well! Today was pretty unexpected; The guild had said that they wanted to do a Black Temple run and me being me, I thought they we’re joking… Soon found out they weren’t. So Gwyn and I head to Black Temple, I think we were both a little surprised at downing three bosses… Well done Apollyon!

To say it was our first run, although there were a few mistakes, which are bound to happen on a first run; I think it went pretty smooth. Few screen shots below showing our victory over Supremus, High Warlord Naj’entus and Shade of Akama, unfortunately I didn’t get any of the loot… silly Moonkin!



Also while digging through my screen shots I found a few that made me laugh; ones of when there was no hassle, no raiding…

What can I say? We were new!


Never offer to boost you’re friends; especially when they decide that the humans in the funky looking tabards would be fun to play with!



One Response to “Black Temple fun!”

  1. Gwyn Says:

    Omg, DPS me.

    Thats soooo long ago!

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