We spent some casual time on game this weekend, as we didn’t raid Saturday – we did ZA on Friday, meaning Cablin just *had* to win the trinket in there which gives him an army of gnomes


We also wanted to get some new leggings before the expansion, so we pushed for Heroics. Yes – Cablin did respec as a tank for Mana Tombs and Mech! He did really well too, which I think he was surprised at. He hasn’t tanked in a long, long time. He does still prefer Moonkin, so it was back to respec afterward… But I still think he enjoyed having a big fat Bear bum instead of a big fat Moonkin bum staring at him!


The reward was new pants for the both of us, so we can go into the expansion looking like twin hippies. Though, something that disgruntled me over the weekend was that I lost all my macros. I was not amused! I’d been trying with a few mouse-over macros that Cablin had found, which were pretty fun. I think I still prefer having 2~ Lifebloom macros for the tanks though. I keep it pretty simple;

/target tankname
/cast Lifebloom

Anything more and I forget them to transfer them to Cabs computer when I’m at his. Mouse-overs were good, but I kept having moments where I’d try cast something other than my mouse-over spells and stumble. So for tonight I’ll be back to simplicity – while trying to dig out the other macros I had!


One Response to “Weekend!”

  1. cablin Says:

    Hehe; I have to admit tanking was fun. I must raise a warrior or use DK to tank when Wraths out :). I prefer my moonkin but for them occasions, when we need a tank and there is none, I have no problem respeccing!

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