Events galore!



Well, we ordered our expansion copies today. I guess that signifies to me that Wrath is just around the corner – I know some people in our guild have had the expansion on order for 10+ months, I feel so late!

I’m looking forward to it. New areas, new enemies, a bag full of new herbs, a new penguin mini pet named Pengu that is so totally going to be mine… I wasn’t around when Burning Crusade went live (a mere twinkle in my Momma Druids eye) so this is really exciting for me. The event leading up to the release has been great fun so far, as you can see by the screenshot above, I’ve had my fun. Yes, that was Cablin going AFK near Tyrande. Yes – A ‘random’ Ghoul blew up near everyone. No, not completely random… The Ghoul was picked flowers beforehand. Tyrande owned them all though, including the infected Cablin. He wasn’t quite sure what had happened when he got back, his own leader having beat him down.

That, and the Halloween event has kept me busy for a few weeks. I managed to get ‘Gwyn the Hallowed‘ (Cab got his title too!) so that makes us happy bunnies; as well as 2 new mini pets for my army collection. Sinister Squashling and Vampiric Batling!


The fan mail had its kicks too. Though, it did burst my bubble a little when Cablin had the same note. Who does the kid think he is? Just what are they teaching the Orpans these days?


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